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Flourish and Thrive 

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Posted on October 2, 2017 at 12:10 AM


10:30 a.m.: Meditation this morning in my room to ask for help to clear my space of the entities I seemingly invited back in and to do some healing work on my face which is atartting to release energy (manifesting as itching, of course, and roughness). I called in King Solomon (remembering that Phyllis had seen him around me during my post-intervention downtime), Jesus, Mary Magdalene and Joseph to assist and heal. The information I received is interesting – I create this drama of inviting these lower vibrational beings as a way of understanding what most people choose. My strength lies in my awareness and the tools I have accumulated to quickly change the vibration. Asking why I would need to do this I saw “Common Ground” – saw it first as a magazine column with, of course, multi-layered meanings. Oprah? Nice energy. I’ll continue to play with that over the next few weeks as I wrap up this trip and return home.

NOTE: I spoke with Cyd and Mel yesterday, after Cyd’s appointment with the spine center doctor. The spina bifida occulta is a non-issue which is great news. She does, however, have a herniated disk (L-4,L-5). The doctor is referring her to physical therapy for 6 weeks to see if that helps resolve some of the pain. Mel (and I) feel she’d be better off out of Aaron’s home. Mel says she can hardly stand to go into the house, never mind hang around…I’m beginning to feel I have to go back for at least awhile to help her get some forward momentum going. She seems to have given up on creating anything for herself. Hopefully when she begins P.T and starts moving her body that will flow through her entire being.


UPDATE: 9.14.17: Current room was great! High vibration, enough to help my skin a bit. My body decided to be in hyper-reactive mode, registering every god-knows-what so I was twitching, it felt like, the entire time! Running earth energy, balancing chakras, hooking up to supreme being, filling up with my energy and source energy – At the end of 2.5 hours, which truly, when I emerged, felt more like 20 minutes, I felt really relaxed. I went back to my room and collapsed on the bed, just lying there, my body and mind quiet.

This is the last full day – it’s hard to believe 2 weeks have flown by. I’ve chosen to go back into the current room today which means I’ll miss the “good-bye” line – people who are departing get to talk to the entities (whichever one shows up), have them bless whatever a person presents – but I feel I’ll receive more benefit from being in a meditative state for 2-3 hours.

It’s been an amazing experience – I can’t say life-changing at this point; perhaps that will open and shift a bit more over the next couple months. I realize now I had the expectation that one shows up and gets healed; the reality is much more nuanced. So much of any benefit derived stems from – DUH! – how much a person can receive and allow. I see where I shut down the process, I see where I embraced it. Certainly, miracles happen – I’ve seen the results (although not yet first hand). That being said, many other gifts emerged from this trip. The high vibration, my group of magical beings, my awareness expanding to new levels. I am conscious of a deep feeling of disappointment, maybe judgment, like I didn’t do enough, allow enough – I acknowledge this, see the deeper truth of my own self image, my belief of my worthiness and chuckle wryly to myself for I know it will not stop me from growing, from following my path to spiritual transformation for, is it not for that very reason I embarked on this journey? Is this not another opportunity to transmute all into the highest healing vibration of all – Divine Love?


2:00 a.m.: My entire being is buzzing – I believe I have met my teacher! As I got in line for Current room today, I asked the young woman in front of me if this was the current line. In retrospect, a silly question – in the big scheme of things, obviously meant to be! We clicked , although I have to say she recognized it before I did. Our paths crossed briefly before dinner where we promised to meet after dinner to talk. Oh, my God, I know, she knew, it was a significant meeting – I even said, at one point (blurted, more like), “I have to work with you” and her entire face lit up. I have never, in my recollection, met someone with whom I connected on this level. And what’s funny, I knew I was to meet my teacher on this trip and as the days passed and departure loomed imminent, I started asking, Okay, where’s my teacher? Am I going to meet this person? And, now, I did…I am so excited to play with her and learn. She will show me doors and portals I never knew existed! What’s funny, too, is she sees me as special in a way nobody has seen me – at least not that I was able to recognize. I know not when, how we will begin. It will become clear, I am sure of that!

10:30 a.m. Sitting in the gazebo overlooking the beautiful landscape, I am preparing to say good-bye to the Casa. I feel, deeply, my visit here has changed the trajectory of my spiritual path mostly in light of my meeting Lesa yesterday. I admit to feeling a trifle let down prior to that – A lesson to me to hold the faith, steadfast and constant (as possible)! I am grateful. I am brimful of anticipation. I can see my way forward on my journey. Looking at Lesa’s energy and her work and her women’s circles, one word comes to mind – tribe. A term much used, I know, and yet it fits, clicks in like the final piece of the puzzle that I have created thus far. I have no information at this moment beyond the euphoria at having found my teacher. All will be revealed as needed. I trust, I allow…


8:30 a.m.: I am sitting in the Lisboa airport, terminal 2, in an open air (?) café awaiting my flight to Bordeaux, the 2nd leg of my 4 stage journey home. I arrived from Brasilia in the dark of the early morning, sleepless but for a couple catnaps. The flight was full which energetically is never comfortable for me – my poor body assaulted with sensations, twinges, random pain, making peaceful  slumber a distant dream! My flight leaves for Bordeaux at 11:40 a.m. From there, a bus to the train station where I have a 2.5 hour layover and then on to Beziers, my car and a half hour drive home.


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