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Posted on June 7, 2017 at 10:05 AM

It occurs to me, as i sit idly playing a game of spider solitaire, my mind wandering or maybe flitting is more apt, from reading (i’ve just finished “Bon Appetit” by Peter Mayle- a wonderfully engaging work on eating and dining in France) to artistic endeavors to food shopping later this afternoon, i tend, lately, to feel as if i’m teetering on the edge of the two sided coin called balance. In my mind’s eye i see this as a very narrow ledge, imparting some uncertainty to maintaining my equilibrium – hardly conducive to creating ease and effortlessness, wouldn’t you say? It seems the more I try to get there – the zone, the vortex, whatever you want to call it – the more elusive it becomes! That is perfectly obvious to most of us, isn’t it? Does struggle ever really get you where you want to be? So, i begin playing with my belief; expanding the edge from a confining to a commodious, comfortable space from which to observe, dream, create and, ultimately, live my truth. The entire idea of stepping into the flow, the amount of attention, intention and execution crucial to even being able to be “in the flow”, never mind staying there, conjures, for me, images in direct opposition to unlimited fields of whatever one desires – when did this shift occur? When did i begin to replace this life-giving creative force with a delimiting, constricting view? When did i lose my sense of wonder and joy with gratitude following hard on the heels of awe? The paradox, of course, is the wanting; feeling the lack, by definition, keeps it just out of reach – as soon as one begins to label it it changes. Hampered by the memory of being one with the Universe, i feel the lack so much more and yet, i know the vibrational shift is so subtle as to be negligible. Which brings it squarely back to being in the moment, choosing whatever contributes to me in that moment, then rechoosing again and again, always rooted in the now. When i choose what supports my essence, that primordial flame of consciousness that is at the core of all of us, the sense of well-being, the ease with which my desires actualize, serves to reinforce with loving insistence what i know to be true – alignment with self, expanded into oneness with the ALL brings me as close to my true nature as possible.

How do you express your true nature? 

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