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Flourish and Thrive 

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Posted on December 14, 2017 at 11:45 PM

My first posting in over 2 months! i had forgotten how writing soothes, clarifies, expands my awareness and feeds my soul. i can only say, as a preface, what I've written tonight, and how i feel now that it's on paper, reinforces i need to do this. No ifs, ands or buts. A spark, coming from something i've read or witnessed, a random thought floating through my mind, ignites, but until i sit down and begin typing, or even if i decide to record, it remains an ephemeral wisp of energy, nothing more, until I grab onto it. From that moment, life is breathed into it, expressed through my unique perspective (as is everyone's, individually), sometimes motivating me to chance, sometimes inspiring me, always nourishing my soul, leading me to greater consciousness. 

Since returning home, i have resumed meditating in an, albeit, rudimentary form; allowing the myriad of thoughts, visuals and bodily sensations to pass gently through my consciousness with no attachment. The end result creating a still mind, a quiet mind allowing me to access my higher self, acknowledge and honor the connection with divine source and the knowing i am one with the All. So necessary for my well-being, going within anchors me, grounds me to the essence of who i truly be. Lying in bed, reading my latest edition of Yoga Journal, i resonated strongly with an article on the 4 aims of life (purusharthas) – dharma, artha, kama, maksha, translated to duty, prosperity, pleasure and liberation and the balance needed to ensure a successful existence here on planet earth. What resonated so strongly (enough to get me out of bed and in front of the computer at 4 a.m.!) was the phrase, “…it (kama/pleasure) is good, and indeed necessary, when it exists to support dharma.” Thinking of seeking pleasure framed in the context of dharma, sustained by one’s ever-burgeoning awareness, and fed by the desire to expand consciousness and nourish the soul, opens my heart, which, really, for me, remains central to my happiness and joy. This after polishing off 2 bags of potato chips (medium size!) in a 12 hour period and then feeling polluted and a slave to my (lesser) appetites! Recognizing that caving in to the immediate gratification provided by the mindless consumption of (as an example) potato chips, and, i might add, having to override that pesky voice in my head, telling me what i already know, DON’T EAT THOSE CHIPS!, does nothing to nourish my soul or, indeed, my body. And, let me say, my body wastes no time letting me know how little those chips contribute to creating a healthy internal environment! And, as a further note, designed as always, to illustrate the all-knowingness of the Universe, for weeks i’ve been putting off reading this issue; I now know why, don’t i? In the end, we all choose every moment of every day what we wish to create, consciously or unconsciously. The idea of generating prosperity and pleasure through the lens of living a life of purpose, of service to self and humanity at large, well, that fills me with the joy that comes from being in the flow, feeling energetically light and expanded, of being aligned with my essence, in balance internally first, then flowing into external manifestation where all areas of life coalesce, building into a synergetic system whereby one part feeds the other feeds the other. Is this not true balance? The thought fills me with an aching, throbbing yearning – i need this.

What are you willing to embrace to create and generate the synergetic life you deserve?

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