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Posted on October 5, 2017 at 9:50 AM

Over the past 7 months or so I’ve created this tension with a partner in a business enterprise that spiraled out of the realm of loving energy, indeed, out of the reasonable and rational, into this hostility on both sides. Interesting to see how easy to slide into blaming the other person, feeling justified in one’s behavior choices; rationalizing and justifying my anger and sense of ill usage, while momentarily satisfying, did nothing to change the energy of our ongoing struggle. I should mention a sum of money lies at the crux of this agreement we made, underpinned by a lack of communication in a timely manner. Add in a need for the capital and I’ve created a trigger happy event! After months of a flurry of email exchanges followed by long silence then another volley of vitriolic emails, it was pretty clear we were both firmly entrenched in our positions with seemingly nowhere to move. What did completely turn the situation around? A couple days ago the thought floated through my mind – I call it an awareness, a gentle, peaceful message from my higher self, the Universe, spirit guides, god, whatever you wish to call it – what if you just let the money go? I have learned over the years to honor these messages; I’ve never reaped any but the highest benefit from listening and acting upon the information given. So, I ceased all activity and tuned in for a moment…what if you allowed this person the space to have what is required to move whatever energy needs to move? It felt light, expansive immediately; inhaling a deep breath, my gut relaxed, my diaphragm expanded – all my lower chakras which are the physical based energy centers. Once acknowledged, I let everything I’d been clutching so tightly, release and thought no more about it. No internal dialogue, no musings, no struggle….it was as if the prior 9 months had never happened. And the miraculous outcome? The next day, not a week, not 2 days, but 1 day, I received an email informing me she had every expectation of selling 2 of the 4 units and would paypal me the funds once she closed the deals! My reaction? I laughed. And the Universe laughed with me.

What are you willing to let go of to receive what the Universe wishes to gift you?

How open can you be to receiving abundance in every form?

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