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Posted on September 26, 2017 at 8:20 AM


9.10-9.12 Update: I worked Sunday and Monday – skipped breakfast – and felt like I was in my usual work pattern! By Tuesday I was fried- I got up early and went and had 2 crystal bed sessions, working on myself the entire duration continuing once I got back to my hotel room. What a difference in my body! Definitely felt calmer and more integrated. No more work until I get home.

We, my group and I went to buy Phyllis an amethyst pendant she’d liked as an expression of our gratitude and support. Joseph, the seller, owns a home in Abadiania and mines crystals and stones which he then resells to the various jewelry stores in Abadiania – he apparently keeps some which he then commissions the jewelers to create various pieces for him to sell at a greatly discounted price. Very interesting man – lived in NYC for a time, worked at the casa for 40 years. He survived a motorcycle accident where they didn’t think he’d ever walk again- but with the help of the entities, he is completely mobile. His energy is buoyant, he loves to give – another living, breathing person who has clearly benefited from close association with the Casa.

I’ve felt out of touch with the Casa entities since I worked – I am reminded that I channel an accounting being. Does that block my awareness of other energies?

7:20 a.m.:  We are back in line today, bright and early, with our next question- I have asked for further help with my left side trauma; false leg shortening, hip and ankle mobility limitations, and drop foot. Hoping for another surgery today but we will see what the entities prescribe. Hoping, too, the high vibration of the Casa will reconnect me with that energy. I do have to be more aware – choose awareness – when I go home, of shifting from work to leisure and back again. To ask whatever energy assists me to leave when that task completes, making it an integral part of my daily routine.

Hoping for another surgery today but we will see what the entities prescribe.

2:00 p.m. – No surgery this week for me. Herbs only. A bit disappointed but trying not to be attached to the “How” of recovery. Interesting to see Denisse react the same way despite readily acknowledging that she had a POV about wanting another surgery. Grateful to her for being willing to be stuck in that energy; it allowed me to shift more easily into acceptance. We are currently waiting to be called in the “Revision” line at the casa – for those who have had surgeries/interventions last week. Apparently the entities scan each person as they approach to see if anything further is required. Phyllis says she’s only ever had them find 2 who needed revision in the 14 years she’s come to the casa.

Update: My skin is much worse due to me deciding to shave my left leg; it created multiple scrapings, small abrasions. My lower right side leg is now a solid inflamed mass of red skin! Not surprising but why, oh why, am I creating this? And picking, my unconscious/semi-conscious obsessive compulsive behavior. Initially my massage this past Saturday showed improvement – I made short work of that, didn’t I? Are there homeopathics for OCD? Trying to practice self-compassion and non judgment; truly feels more like resignation verging on pessimism! Please show me the way to healing this, Universe, Casa entities – whoever is listening. Meanwhile, reaching for gratitude, self-compassion, forgiveness and love, help counter the lower vibrations I slip into.

Harkening back to work, I’m hoping the high vibration of the Casa grounds me. I do have to be more aware – choose awareness – when I go home, of what is required when shifting from work to spiritual pursuits. Asking whatever energy assists me, to leave when complete, and making it an integral part of my daily routine.

Note: I fb’d with Cyd last night as today she sees the spinal center doctor. She was understandably nervous, talking mostly about Aaron’s most recent gout attack; distraction for her, I know. Keeps her mind occupied and off her own health challenges. I initially found it very challenging and kept trying to get her to talk about her feelings, becoming somewhat impatient and judgmental. I finally saw her fear which allowed me to shift to what she could handle.

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