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Posted on September 23, 2017 at 11:45 AM


This is the big day – it’s 7:30 a.m., I’m sitting in the garden of the casa waiting to be called to the first time line. The wait can be several hours, more typically, a couple- to go before the entities. It’s wonderful having a guide – in practical terms, Phyllis has been a great help with navigating what could be a confusing exercise especially given that each of us is focused on our own internal emotional state. She’s been leading groups since 2004 and has established wonderful enduring relationships with those at the casa as well as the hotel. On an emotional level, she oozes compassion and is always available for support.

15 minutes later: My body is becoming more and more uncomfortable- aching and pressure around my heart chakra; I stretch to relieve the sensation then subside as it provides no relief. I wonder if it’s the entities working on my broken rod. I hope so! I embrace the healing; I can get through the discomfort knowing, on the other side, lies optimal function and health.

1:15 p.m. I am to have a surgery – invisible – at 2 this afternoon. This morning went quickly- we had finished by a little after 11 a.m (arriving at 7:20 a.m.). There was some waiting once we were in line, made more bearable by the entities working on me; I could feel the usual tension in my left side alleviating, my gut relaxing, allowing my left hip to open releasing the tension all the way down my IT band to my foot which, in turn, rooted, providing support and stability for my left side. A preview of what is to come.

NOTE: I did not go into the preparation for the visit to the entities – beginning Tuesday morning Phyllis instructed each of us to write our question, the issue we wished to address, the ailment we desired to heal. Then, Tuesday after dinner she met with each of us one-on-one to refine our goal into the most powerful presentation to ensure the optimal result.


We are back at the Casa – I am hoping for a 2nd surgery or something (whatever the entities deem necessary); Phyllis isn’t sure, of course, what we’ll get but we are here.

The first intervention went well. To update, 24 hours in bed. No reading, writing, watching anything except the trees outside my window framed by blue blue sky. – just rest and sleep which I did a lot of as I hadn’t slept much the night before. Initially I felt a lot of sensations in my left side; in fact, I had a bit of a headache coming out of intervention. This lessened once I got back to my room and the entities continued working on me.  By the time I awoke the next morning I was somewhat aware nothing was going on. I doodled around for a couple hours, messing with my skin until finally I asked “Are there any entities in the room?” Yes. “Are there any casa entities in the room?” No. I then instructed the entities to leave and never return and then asked the casa entities to come back. Happily, more healing ensued.

NOTE: the entities I invited to leave have been with me a long time – I couldn’t (was not ready) to release them, detach from them, for years, They did appear just before we got in the 1st time line to go before the entities, causing, for the first time since I’d arrived, doubt and fear. They were also present when I was in front of the entity – I felt intimidated, nervous. Hopefully today I will be present, clear and grounded.


I had an entity directed massage today – the result of yesterday’s appearance before the entities and the response to my question (healing my skin condition and the underlying pathology, picking at my body my entire life). Very powerful. Only 40 minutes long but with the entities working through the hands of the masseuse, me holding the intent of my original purpose in coming and my desired outcome, all combined to create a very potent energy. I am sitting in the Casa garden- after fruitlessly trying to work with my laptop not booting up. I’d venture to say if you haven’t experienced it first hand, it would be pretty hard to believe. Easier, probably to freak out thinking your computer was broken. This, however, is not the first time I’ve had electronics malfunction here and after talking to others who brought their laptops and had similar stories, it’s not difficult to accept that the entities, if they decide you need to do something else, will interfere to redirect you where they want you. Hence, sitting in the garden, writing and (soon) meditating.

Upddate: 9.8.17 – We went through the 2nd time line to appear before the entities – this time for my skin and picking affliction – I think I was hoping for another invisible surgery but, as I mentioned before, I got the order for a massage. A member of our group, who had been hoping for a surgery to correct hearing loss received “Blessings”, which means setting in the blessings room while prayers are chanted. Another example besides my experience of becoming fixated on a particular outcome. We humans cannot always see clearly what we require as we are most often driven by want. Functioning from faith and trust involves some level of surrender I have found. I have been striving to stay open, to yield to the wisdom, the all-knowing entities John of God channels, by meditating, listening to our guide, Phyllis and keeping ego in check – all this with mixed results. I do feel I have shifted from the ego dominant belief that I am the healer to remembering my power comes from allowing source to flow through me – I am merely a vessel, an intermediary, allowing, trusting the higher vibration of love which truly heals all, to flow through and out of me. Watching the energy of John of God and how completely he surrenders to the entities he channels is awe-inspiring.

Note: There are several businesses on the main street that have been sanctioned by order of the entities, to work in conjunction with the Casa. Massage, crystal store, an organic skin care/essential oils store, an organic food café, to mention the ones I know about.

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