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Posted on September 21, 2017 at 8:10 AM

i'm not sure how I'll end up posting what I journalled during my stay at the Casa - I feel like I will follow, as I do so often,  the energy of what needs to be shared or what I need to share... the italisized type is me adding more information/explanations where I feel it necessary to clarify or expound on a topic.


2:50 a.m., Holiday Inn Express, Lisbon. As I cannot sleep I thought I’d take advantage of that and record what sticks out in my mind on this first day of travel to John of God. Driving to Beziers this morning to catch my train to Bordeaux I started to get tense thinking of all I had to do when suddenly I asked myself, what do I desire to create from this trip to Brazil? And out popped this, as fluent as if I had spent days, weeks contemplating this very question, I desire to create spiritual transformation and meet my teacher. I realized I had not verbalized my intent but rather in the effort to remain open and free of conclusions and judgments I had neglected to set the intent. Once I verbalized and set the energy for this whole trip, I have been aware of a shift in my energy - mostly noticeable in the tenor of my thoughts and the ease with which I’m able to choose different thoughts. As an example, when fear-based thoughts or pictures present, I reject them and ask for an alternative. I don’t feel energetically aligned with what’s been presented, so let’s try this and I visualize what I’d much rather have happen causing, of course, the energy to expand. I’m finding it much easier to create what leads me into ease and effortlessness. Isn’t it amazing how choosing what you think rather than being buffeted about by random thoughts can create amazing expansion!


Well, here I am at John of God, the Casa – or to be more accurate, I am at the Hotel Sao Rafael, about 300 feet from the entrance to the Casa. We, my fellow group members, were taxi’d here (a speed fest, really, as our taxi driver had obviously driven the road more than once!) yesterday, just in time for dinner, a delicious home cooked meal set out buffet style. Apparently, we’ll be getting 3 meals a day for the group price – I like that! This entire town is built around the Casa, and accommodating the visitors who flood in from every corner of the globe. This is in stark contrast to the ghost towns we passed on the way here… obvious poverty. I was exhausted and in my room by 8:00, and out for the count by 9:00. Sleeping through until 6 a.m., sleeping again until 7:30. I think, if nothing else, I’ll catch up on years of not sleeping soundly and deeply which excites me to no end! After visiting the casa twice, once last night and again this morning, peace and calm and love are a palpable vibration. People sort of float around the grounds- it’s awesome. I feel very at home, very supported. I know I am where I am supposed to be right now. I’ll close now as I need to rest.

The following was written longhand mostly in the garden of the Casa or while waiting to queue up on the days John of God was channeling.

I can feel the lyricism, the mysticism welling up inside me, building in intensity, threatening to spill out of every pore, every orifice in my body. I am so thankful to be here, in Brazil, at the Casa dom Inacio Loyola. I am. I am connected to all that is, I am all that is, I am. I am. I.

I feel my body will heal. I feel my spirit heal, I feel my soul evolving, progressing – if that is measured by internal adjustments, shifts in consciousness, unconditional love for self. I strive for unconditional love for self. Running compassion, forgiveness, gratitiude and love through my body during the day, I know, produces calm and peace. The crystal bed session I had today did more than that – I feel open and expansive, soaring even. And I love that metaphor just as I love the sensation of being infinite. Is it because of what is implicit in being infinite? No limits, open, being in acknowledgement of oneness?

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