Flourish & Thrive 

Flourish and Thrive 

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Posted on August 27, 2017 at 3:15 PM


Moving forward remains, as ever, my primary directive. What does one do when the planets and stars and sun do not seem to be aligned with that purpose? Or what does one do when one’s body decides it’s time to release every bit (or so it feels) of energy no longer vibrationally compatible? With my trip to John of God less than a month away, I find myself rather at an impasse in the sense that my knowing this trip will shift my life into another gear yet I feel at a standstill in this moment.Is that the key? The more I strive to “get ready”, prepare for what I cannot possibly prepare for, the further the target moves from me… would it serve me more to root into present time and be here, in the south of France, now rather than catapulting myself into the future?


I leave for the Casa in 5 days. As I write those words, my 3rd and 4th chakras light up immediately, signaling excitement? Trepidation? Anticipation? All planning has moved into the final stages- all transportation in place, car storage reserved. All that remains to be done- packing personal belongings. It feels like I’ve been waiting for this for a long time – 9 months since the first time the idea floated across my conscious mind, and, as before, continued to intensify and now, here I sit, departure imminent. I’ve become accustomed to hearing people refer to what I’m creating as an adventure – truly, as much as I find interesting others’ points of view and feeling grateful for all the positive energy that generates for me, following the energy propels me forward. My real job rests in daily meditation, honoring my body, monitoring my thoughts, feeding my connection with Source. If anything has signaled me that I’m preparing for this journey, in the last week or so, meditating has given way to sleeping! I have been so tired, I’m crashing in the middle of the afternoon for two to three hours as well as leeping at night! A change for me, indeed! I welcome this shift as I try to welcome whatever changes will move me closer to my purpose in traveling to see John of God. I have no idea what I will encounter, what I’m “supposed” to do once I’m there, what changes will emerge from this visit. I trust the Universe will support me. I trust the energy at the Casa. I surrender to divine intelligence. And most importantly, I know the path I choose to follow leads to my ultimate destination. Is it necessary for me to know what that looks like? No. Truthfully, I don’t want to know. The metaphor of driving on a dark road at night, seeing only 20 to 30 feet ahead of me at any given moment, resonates deeply; I am happy to have the path revealed incrementally as I move forward. That does not mean, in any way, that I have no ultimate destination, life plan. I choose simply, to trust it will be revealed at the perfect moment. Do I have doubts? Sometimes. Do I ever question what I am doing? Yes. Does any of that deter me from continuing to follow the energy? No. You could say I’ve had enough successes, in terms of realizing outcomes, by following the energy, to make allowance for the moments of doubt and questioning. Most importantly, I know my thoughts, beliefs create my reality. I know I could create a totally different outcome just by focusing on some deviant, random thought floating through my mind. But I also know that ultimately doesn’t contribute to what I desire to create for myself or for the planet or its inhabitants. If every one of us held that vibration, how much change could we create for ourselves and the planet?

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