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Flourish and Thrive 

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Posted on July 19, 2017 at 12:00 AM

It occurred to me, following a seemingly random thought floating across my consciousness, to wonder how many of us choose to believe that our stories of ourselves are who we are. How much do we allow the stories we’ve adopted whether through direct experience and choice or through being told stories about how and what we are by significant people in our lives? And i ask this in relation to the vibrational variance, if any, between who we know to the deepest reaches of our beings, we truly be and the stories by which we define ourselves and are so quick to bring out when questioned about whatever would prompt the rehearsed response as opposed to the authentic self we tend to overlay with these stories. Do the stories we tell bear any resemblance to our true divine selves? Do the stories we believe to be true and from which we function, creating our realities, separate us from our true essences? Does any of this matter? Only you can discern the truth of that. i know, for me, i’ve told the stories wondering the whole time, why i was telling the story, feeling that separation, as if i was telling a story about someone i once knew, (or thought i knew) and realizing i never did know that person or the version of that person. The awareness of that dissonant energy allowed me to focus in on that feeling and decide I didn’t like that feeling of being separated from me.. i like to think i am a little more aware of what responses i trot out now, moving from rote recitation to deliberate feeling response emanating from my authentic self.

Please share your experiences – i’d love to hear them!


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