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Posted on June 30, 2017 at 7:40 AM

I had forgotten I'd written this! Rereading it now I feel the urge to publish it on my blog. I hope you get as much out of it as I do! If anything resonates, feel free to follow that energy where it leads... 


Sitting at my desk this morning, allowing the energy of the moment, the muffled sounds of neighbors in the street, children playing, a gentle wind whistling down the narrow street to the river,  to wash over me, I experienced a moment of acute awareness, a breakthrough really that had been percolating to the surface for a couple days, months (?). A core belief about my basic value - I remember as a child talking, talking, talking to my mother in the way children do and mostly being shut down - I learned to keep the magic I observed to myself, to repress emotions better left unsaid, to suppress my natural high spirits and mostly, I learned nothing I had to offer had any value to my mother, my primary caregiver. It didn't seem to matter other people, as I grew, valued me and what I could offer... it's funny, isn't it, I only focused on what I didn't get from that one person. I laugh now, realizing how ridiculous that I, even as a young adult, disregarded all the positive input, choosing instead to  adhere, stubbornly, to the patently false programming with which I'd been inculcated as a child. And, taking ithis one step further, I own my creation, indeed, I have to feel gratitude to my mother, don't I, if I follow the energy back to the truth that I am the master creator of all in my experience. On a side note, I noticed this morning, scrolling through my facebook page that I  bypassed  with studied indifference (?) any posting having to do with loving your mother... it all gains in significance now as I fit all the signs together - I love how the Universe supplies exactly what I require all the time!  

Another sign I received - I enrolled in a mindvalley.com online course and yesterday there was a link to a youtube video of Michael Beckwith lecturing at a retreat - BOOM! right square in the middle of my forehead, the piece I'd been missing! He was talking about the 4 stages of spiritual development.

At the start of every meditation I ask for whatever assistance, aid, guidance and support will lead me to expressing my soul’s purpose on this planet in this time. Without fail what I require comes. This particular session brought up courage. I could only laugh, ruefully and with a hint of hysteria, looking to the cosmos. I immediately saw the French root, Coeur, which translates to heart in English. So I dug a little, looking for the root of the word and sure enough, through the latin cour, evolved Coeur, the French and the common definition of courage, “That quality of mind which enables one to encounter danger and difficulties with firmness, or without fear, or fainting of heart; valor; boldness; resolution”, which is all fine and good and much what one expects from the modern interpretation. I, however, not surprisingly, followed the French etymology; after all, we borrowed the word from the French, didn’t we? Digging deeper, I found a French definition, which translated to English, looks like this: “The most important part, the deepest vital part”. That resonated a lot. Next I researched the meaning and etymology of the suffix “age” and found it means “that which is associated with or characterized by” or “Having to do with”. I love this definition- Having to do with the most important, deepest vital part – the heart, the seat of the soul. Reframing courage alleviates, for me, those emotions having to do with fear, doubt, uncertainty, linking, instead, to the larger purpose, expanding into my next evolution, removing the remaining blocks, programs, conscious and unconscious, preventing me from creating the 3-dimensional reality in which I can effect the most change for this planet and its inhabitants. As a side note, I encourage, as a tool, dissecting a term that evokes a feeling, an emotional charge, to distill that word or phrase into an energy more closely aligned with your soul’s unique vibrational signature. Had I accepted the prevalent energetic signature of courage, buying into the inherent limitations of just the words chosen to define that vibration, the ensuing analysis, processing, dissemination of an entire culture built to house the projections, expectations, judgments & conclusions engineered to produce the least movement and most contraction. For who can live up to all of that? Gods, super heros, the occasional human, fueled by adrenalin, in extraordinary circumstances. I don’t know about you but shifting the energy of courage to a function of heart (Coeur) illuminated by love, well, let’s just say, the mere act of writing those words allows expansion into synergetic beingness, a state, in case you need reminding, of total integration, within, without, above, below…

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