Flourish & Thrive 

Flourish and Thrive 

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Posted on June 26, 2017 at 10:30 AM

i note as i move into the second year of my spiritual transformation journey, i feel as if i’m standing still; feeling as if i’m standing in one place and all is swirling around me; and by all, i mean the concept of linear time. As i write this, i see the chaos, the frenetic movement, the accelerated pace at which the inhabitants of this planet function and the ensuing reality created by the ever-increasing speed of the degradation of the planet itself as well as the people who inhabit the planet. Grounding into a meditative state, clearing one’s mind of extraneous debris, breathing peace and calm throughout one’s body, slows down everything. EVERYTHING. For if one adheres to the truth that as above so below and as within so without, only YOU have the power to create your world as you see it, envision it, desire it and the comfort of knowing that vibrational frequency permeates all, drawing like energy and so on and on until the prevailing vibration of the planet matches the highest vibration possible. Once we attain and maintain that higher vibration, the act of focusing on what we desire our world to be, all distraction (non-complementary) energy to the contrary, we note but do not permit, that same distraction energy to derail our vibrational alignment with Source. To that end the higher, lighter vibrations of fun, laughter, joy, appreciation, are available to us, thereby ensuring we have the basic tools to buoy our spirits, to hearten our minds and bodies and uplift our daily endeavors from struggle to ease and effortless implementation of those abstract ideals translated into concrete reality. The notion that all is struggle, that one has to struggle for the end result to have any meaning has been proven to be specious, at best, and patently false for those who have followed the energy in the other direction and live the truth that life can be fun, joyful, meaningful and fulfilling without the attendant vibration of struggle and hardship so popular on this planet.

Who would choose struggle and hardship over joy and fun and fulfilment knowing there is a clear choice on one’s path to expressing one’s purpose?

What if we are all here to create that joy, harmony,  peace and love from within first?

How would your world be if, instead of looking outward to form your reality, you looked inward and then projected out, that truth?

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