Flourish & Thrive 

A Journey of Spiritual Transformation

Welcome to following the Energy

For all of you who have dropped in, shared your stories and showed me your awesome divine selves over the past year and a half I am so grateful for each and every one of you for contributing to you, me and the planet!

I am searching for the words to express adequately how much it has meant, energetically, physically, that you have felt enough resonance with what I am creating, and how much your support has given me the courage to step outside my comfort zone, put myself out there in what is, for me, a big way. It has given me the confidence to take this next step.
Thank you so much for your contribution.

I am leaving California the end of March, 2016 and traveling to the Languedoc Roussillon region of Southern France.  This is not a small move; I literally feel I am being pulled there; I am taking a leap of faith, the magnitude of which, staggers me when I stop to think about it...  

 If you are interested in my journey to increased consciousness and spiritual transformation, look for the link over the next couple months to my new blog where I'll be recording my experiences in France during the coming year.